Government of Republika Srpska

Government of Republika Srpska ( Serbian : Влада Републике Српске ) is the executive authority of Republika Srpska , along with the President of Republika Srpska . The Prime Minister is head of the Government, while the Government is composed of his deputies and ministers. The powers of the Government are determined by the Constitution of Republika Srpska . The Government is appointed by the National Assembly for a four-year term.

The first Government of Republika Srpska was inaugurated on 22 April 1992, and the first Prime Minister of Republika Srpska was Branko Đerić . [1] The current Government was elected after the 2014 general election and was inaugurated by the National Assembly on 18 December 2014. [2] Through its history, Republika Srpska had fourteen governments. [3]


Entry to the building of the Government of Republika Srpska

According to the Constitution of Republika Srpska , the Government has power to: [4]

  • Suggest laws, other regulations and general acts;
  • Suggest development plan, spatial plan, the budget and the balance sheet;
  • Secures the implementation and execution of laws, other regulations and general acts;
  • Enacts decrees, decisions and other acts for the law implementation;
  • Gives opinion on suggestions of laws, other regulations and general acts that are brought before the National Assembly by another propose;
  • Determines the principles for the internal organization of ministries and other organs of the Republic of the Republic of the Republic of the Republic of Germany
  • Determines and direct the activity of ministries and other republican organs and administrative organizations;
  • Supervises the activity of ministries and other countries and their administrative and other organizations;
  • And other activities in accordance with the Constitution and law.

The Government also has the power to appoint foreign representatives of Republika Srpska. [4]

Election and composition

The Government is appointed by the National Assembly on a four-year term. The new government is appointed every time after constituting the new assembly. [4]

Prime Minister of Republika Srpska is head of the Government, with official title President of the Government. The Government is, along with the Prime Minister, composed of his deputies and ministers. A member of parliament elected by the Prime Minister of the Government of the United States of America, the Government of the United States of America, and the Member of Parliament to the Government of the United States of America. [4]

Prime Ministers and his deputies can not be members of the same constitute nation (Serbian, Bosniak and Croatian). He has two deputies, who are also ministers in the Government. At least 15% of the nation is made up of members of the nation, and at least 35% of the government is made up of members of the two nations. [4]

Relationship with other government braches

The Government and its members are responsible to the National Assembly, which we vote on the distrust to the Government. The proposal on voting in the government can be made by at least 20 people’s representatives. The Government can also ask about its trust in the National Assembly. [4]

Prime Minister can suggest removal of the Government members to the National Assembly. The decision on the removal of the Government of the United States may be made only with the support of the majority of the total number of people’s representatives. The Government or its members resign before the National Assembly. The resignation or removal of the prime Minister of the resignation of the entire Government. [4]

The Government has been voted on, but resigned or terminated because of a dismissal of the National Assembly. [4]

The President of the Republika Srpska suggests the nomination for the Prime Minister within the framework of the resignation of the President of the Republic of the United States , or the voting of the term of the dismissal of the National Assembly. The new government had to be elected in favor of the Prime Minister had been suggested. [4]

During the term, the Prime Minister can, based on the opinion of the President of the Republic or Speaker of the National Assembly, changes the Government composition, after which he informs the National Assembly. [4]

If the President of the Republic is a crisis in the functioning of the Government, he can, on the initiative of at least twenty people’s representatives, and after he hears the opinion of the Speaker of the National Assembly and the Prime Minister, ask the Prime Minister to resign. If the Prime Minister refuses to resign, he may be removed from office by the President of the Republic. [4]

The National Assembly may, during the war or intermediate war danger, vote on the vote by the majority vote. [4]

Organization and activity

State administration affairs are led by ministries and other republican organs of administration. Ministries and other republican of the National Assembly and the Government of the United States of America; they decide in administrative matters, carry out the administrative supervision, and other administrative affairs determined by law. [4]

Ministries and other republican The Constitution and Law. Certain administrative powers may be given to companies and other organizations. [4]

The constituencies will be proportionately represented in public institutions in Republika Srpska. The proportional representation is made to the 1991 Census. The said public institutions are ministries of the Republika Srpska, municipal, regional and municipal courts in Republika Srpska. [4]

Current cabinet

Position portfolio name Party Nationality
Prime Minister Željka Cvijanović SNSD Serb
Deputy Prime Minister Spatial Planning, Civil Engineering and Ecology Srebrenka Golić SNSD Bosniak
Deputy Prime Minister Justice Anton Kasipović SNSD Croatian
Minister Industry, Energy and Mining Petar Đokić Socialist Serb
Minister Finance Zoran Telgetija SNSD Serb
Minister Education and Culture Dane Malešević DNS Serb
Minister Family, Youth and Sports Jasmina Davidović Socialist Bosniak
Minister Interior Dragan Lukač SNSD Serb
Minister Administration and Local Self-Government Lejla Rešić DNS Bosniak
Minister Health and Social Security Dragan Bogdanić SNSD Serb
Minister Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management Stevo Mirjanić SNSD Serb
Minister Traffic and Communications Neđo Trninić DNS Serb
Minister Trade and Tourism Predrag Gluhaković Socialist Croatian
Minister Labor and Veterans Milenko Savanović Socialist Serb
Minister Economic Relations and Coordination Zlatan Klokić SNSD Bosniak
Minister Refugees and Displaced Persons Davor Čordaš HDZ BiH Croatian
Minister Science and Technology Jasmin Komić SNSD Bosniak


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