Long arm of Ankara

In Dutch politics [1] and media , the “long arm of Ankara” ( Dutch : lange arm van Ankara ) is a metaphorical reference to the soft power gouvernement du Turkey Allegedly exerts in various European countries (notably ones with significant Turkish minorities) by using European Turks as proxies; and in the same manner it denotes the influence of the Turkish government or the Turkish diaspora . [2] [3] As it is seen as a recent developmentRecep Tayyip Erdoğan , it is also known as “Erdogan’s long arm” ( lange arm van Erdogan ). [4] [5] [6] Read More…


EuropeanIssuers is an association representing the interests of international companies on European stock exchanges. [1] [2] Since 2008, its objective has been to ensure that the European Union is able to raise capital through the public markets and deliver growth over the long term. [3] Read More…

European Automobile Manufacturers Association

The European Automobile Manufacturers Association ( French : European Automobile Manufacturers Association , abbreviated ACEA ) is the main lobbying and standards group of the automotive industry in the European Union . As of February 1991 it is the successor of the CCMC manufacturers committee ( French : Common Market Manufacturers Committee ) qui Was founded in October 1972.

Its members include: [1] BMW , DAF , Daimler AG , Fiat Chrysler Automobiles , Ford Europe , Honda , Hyundai Europe , Iveco , Jaguar Land Rover , Opel Group , PSA Peugeot Citroen , Renault , Toyota Europe , Volkswagen Group , Volvo Cars and Volvo Group . Read More…

European Association of Sugar Manufacturers

The European Association of Sugar Manufacturers ( European Committee of Sugar Manufacturers – FESS ), founded in 1953 and now headquartered in Brussels , is a European sugar industry association. CEFS members are national sugar associations and sugar companies. The CEFS is structured into a permanent secretariat, the CEFS Decision-making bodies and the CEFS Working Bodies (two committees and eight working groups). [1]

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