Eurotrash (term)

” Eurotrash ” is a derogatory term for certain Europeans , particularly those perceived to be arrogant, affluent, and expatriates in the United States . [1]

In the early 1980s, when Taki Theodoracopulos , a wealthy Greek living in New York City , wrote a newspaper column entitled “Eurotrash” in The East Side Express. [2] The term was also used in the 1990s, with American band Cracker releasing a single called ” Euro-Trash Girl “. The song’s narrator describes a dissolute life, drifting across Europe in pursuit of an “angel in black,” the titular Euro-trash girl. Read More…


Anti-Europeanism and Europhobia are political terms used in a variety of contexts, implying sentiment or policies in opposition to ” Europe “.

In the context of racial or ethno-nationalist politics, this may refer to the culture or peoples of Europe (see anti-white sentiment in the United States ); In the shorthand of “Europe” standing for the European Union or European integration , it can refer to Euroscepticism , criticism of policies of European governments or the European Union. [1] In the context of United States foreign policy, it can refer to the geopolitical divide between ” transatlantic “, “transpacific” and “hemispheric” (pan-American) relations. The nominal antonyms would be pro-Europeanism or Europhilia. Read More…

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