Germany-Italy relations

Germany-Italy relations refer to interstate relations between the Federal Republic of Germany and the Italian Republic .


Relationships were established after the Unification of Italy . The two countries historically enjoy a special relationship since they fought together against the Austrian Empire and their respective territories belonged to the Holy Roman Empire and German Confederation . Italy and Germany Were share of the Triple Alliance aim They Were enemies During World War I . Both countries were members of the Axis powers during World War II , formed an alliance during the Cold War ( West Germany ), were among the inner six and became two of the G6nations after their economic miracle . Prime Minister Giulio Andreotti was not in favor of the German reunification but today the Italian government and the German one are full and leading members of the EU . In 2005 a German cardinal was elected Bishop of Rome . Germany has an embassy in Rome and consulates in Milan and Naples , while Italy has an embassy in Berlin and consulates in Frankfurt , Freiburg , Hamburg , Hanover , Munich , Nuremberg, Saarbrücken , and Stuttgart .

German community in Italy

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