Identitarian movement

The identitarian movement (Otherwise Known As Identitarianism ) is a European and North American white nationalist [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] movement Originating in France . The identitarians Began as a youth movement Deriving from the French New Right (New Right) Generation Identitaire and the anti-Zionist and National Bolshevik Radical Unity . Although initially the youth wing of the anti-immigration and nativist Bloc Identitaire, it has taken over its own identity and is much more like a separate entity altogether. [8]

The movement is a part of the so-called counter-jihad movement , [9] with many in it believing in the white genocide conspiracy theory . [6] It also supports the concept of a „Europe of 100 flags“. [10]

It has been considered white supremacist by civil-rights organizations , researchers of extremism , news organizations , and various governments. [11] [12] [13] [14] [15] The movement has also been described as being part of the global alt-right . [16] [17] [18]


In Europe

The main Identitarian youth movement is Identity Generation in France, a youth wing of the Bloc identity party.

In Scandinavia, identitarianism Was Introduced by the now inactive organization Nordiska Förbundet (the Nordic Alliance), citation needed ] qui Initiated the online encyclopedia Metapedia . [19] It mobilised Then a number of „independent activist groups“ similar to French Their Counterparts, Among Them Reaktion Östergötland and Identitet Väst , Who Performed a number of political actions marked by a definite degree of civil disobedience. A 24-page first manifesto, aimed at defining the identity movement in Northern Europe, was published as Identity of Metapolitik . [20]

The origin of the Italian chapter „Generazione Identitaria“ dates back to 2012. [21]

Markus Willinger (born 1992), who grew up in Schärding , Austria, and is now a student of history and political science at the University of Stuttgart , wrote and published in 2013 a manifesto entitled „Generation Identity: A Declaration of War Against the“ 68ers „, (6 ) What in the US would be called baby boomer liberals or those sympathetic to them and translated into English from German by Aetius. The book is considered the founding of the Identity Bewegung Österreichs .

The movement aussi Appeared in Germany converging with preexisting circles centering on the magazine Blaue Narzisse and Its founder Felix Menzel , a martial artist and form German Karate Team Champion, Who selon Gudrun Hentges, Who Then Worked for the official Federal Agency for Civic Education belongs to the „elite of the movement“. [23] It has-been a “ registered partnership “ since 2014. [24] Drawing upon thinkers of the New Right and the Conservative Revolutionary movement Such As Oswald Spengler , Carl Schmitt or the contemporary RussianAleksandr Dugin , it’s a role for the march of PEGIDA marches in 2014/15.

The Identity movement has a close linkage to members of the German New Right , [25] eg, to its prominent member Götz Kubitschek and his journal Sezession , for which the Identitarian speaker Martin Sellner writes articles.

Richard B. Spencer identifies himself as a leading member of the American identity movement. quote needed ]

As their symbol the Identity movement uses a yellow lambda sign, a symbol that was painted on the shields of the Spartan army and is supposed to commemorate the Battle of Thermopylae . [26]

In August 2016, members of the Identitarian Movement of Germany scaled the iconic Brandenburg Gate in Berlin and banned in protest at immigration and perceived Islamization . [27]

Members of the Identitarian Movement erected a new summit in a „provocative“ act (as the Süddeutsche Zeitung reported) on the Schafreuter , after the original one. [28]

In June 2017 the PayPal donations account of the Identity Project „Defend Europe“ was locked, and then the Identitarian account of the bank „Steiermärkische Sparkasse“ was closed. [29]They later completed Their fundraising to charter a ship in the Mediterranean, with the intention to ferry Any rescued migrants back to Africa, observes Any incursions by other NGO ships into Libyan waters and carry ‚em to the Libyan coastguard . [30]

In October 2017 key figures of the Identitarian movement in London as they are targeting the United Kingdom and discussing the founding of a British chapter as a „bridge“ to link up with radical movements in the US. [6]

In North America

Identity Evropa is a part of the American identity movement

On May 20, 2017, two US Marines were arrested after hanging out at a ceremony in Graham , North Carolina during a Confederate Memorial Day event. The United States Marine Corpsstrongly condemned the behavior and investigated the incident. [31] [32]

The Traditionalist Youth Network is modeled after the European Identity movement by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) and the Anti-Defamation League (ADL). [33] [34] [35] The Identity Evropa movement also labels itself identitarian. The United States has seen a significant increase in people and organizations affiliated with the identity movement after the campaign and the election of Donald Trump . [36] [37] Richard Spencer ’s National Policy Institute is also a white nationalist movement based on the Identitarian movement.

Links to violence and neo-Nazism

According to some researchers, the movement has allied itself with various neo-Nazi , white supremacist, white nationalist, and ethnic nationalist organizations in Western Europe and the United States. [38] Muslims, Communists, and Non-white Europeans; sometimes leading to violence. [38]

According to Christoph Gurk, one of the goals of the Identitarians is to make modernism and fashionable [39] and they have close connections to the Polish and Polish Neo-Nazis, according to Anna Thalhammer. [40] Tomislav Sunić, Identity Collaboration with the White Nationalist Activist . [41] The investigation by political scientist Gudrun Hentges came to the conclusion that the Identitarian Movement is ideologically situated between the National Front , the New Right and Neo-Nazism . [42]


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