European Jews for a Just Peace

European Jews for a Just Peace ( EJJP ) is a federation of Jewish groups in ten European countries at avocation Bringing about peace in the Middle East and Ensuring respect for the human rights of the Palestinian people . One of the claims of EJJP is Israel’s immediate withdrawal from the occupied territories . [1]


The organization was founded in Amsterdam in September 2002. Its principles are contained in its Amsterdam Declaration of 2002, amended in 2004. These are: [2]

  • the condemnation of all violence against civilians in the conflict
  • the recognition of Israel’s 1967 ‚ green line ‚ borders
  • to the Palestinians‘ right to a state in the territories currently occupied by Israel in West Bank , East Jerusalem and Gaza
  • the recognition of the right of both states to have Jerusalem as their capital
  • calling on Israel to acknowledge its part in the creation of the Palestinian refugee problem and its obligation to negotiate a fair and practical resolution of the issue.

At its 2007 Convention held in Berlin to coincide with the G8 meeting it adopted a statement entitled „EJJP calls for a bold European initiative for a just peace in the Middle East“. quote needed ]

In an opinion article published in The Guardian in February 2009, Antony Lerman , the trainer (2006-2009) director of the Institute for Jewish Policy Research, considers that Jewish peace groups like European Jews for a Just Peace and Independent Jewish Voices in Canada and Australia „may have a moderating influence on Israel“ as „Israel is heavily dependent on what Jews think“. [3]

In September 2010, EJJP organized a Gaza -bound aid boat, the “ Jewish Boat to Gaza „, carrying nine Jewish activists. It was intercepted by the Israel Defense Forces and led to the port of Ashdod . [4]

The EJJP chairperson, Dror Feiler , an Israel-born Swedish national, was again aboard the French Dignity-Al Karama ship in the 2011 flotilla for Gaza. [5]

Member organizations

  • Austria : Jüdische Stimme für einen gerechten Frieden in Nahost (Jewish Voice for Peace in the Near East)
  • Belgium : Union of Jewish Progressives of Belgium
  • Denmark : European Jews for a Just Peace – Denmark
  • France : French Jewish Union for Peace (French Jewish Union for Peace)
  • Germany : Jüdische Stimme für einen gerechten Frieden in Nahost (Jewish Voice for a Just Peace in the Near East)
  • Italy : Rete Ebrei contro occupazione [6] („Rete ECO“, Italian Network of Jews Against the Occupation)
  • the Netherlands : Een Ander Geluid Joods (A Different Jewish Voice)
  • Sweden : Judar for israelisk-palestinsk fred (Jews for Israeli-Palestinian Peace)
  • Switzerland : Jüdische Stimme fur einen gerechten Frieden zwischen Israel and Palastina [7] (Jewish Voice for a Just Peace between Israel and Palestine)
  • the United Kingdom : Jewish Socialists‘ Group and Jews for Justice for Palestinians


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