European Heritage Heads Forum

The European Heritage Heads Forum (EHHF) is an informal professional and expert network that brings together the heads of the European state heritage (built heritage, landscapes, archeology, etc.) to share knowledge and ideas and promote consistency in the management of the historic environment in the 21st century. The heads are mostly the directors-general of the departments in charge of immovable heritage within the national ministries (Ministry of Culture, Environment, etc.). [1]

Discussion centers on emerging trends, political engagement, European legislation and the scope of international heritage protection and how these affect national heritage policies and impact on historic monuments, sites and urban centers. The Council of Europe, the European Commission, is the representative of the civil society at the level of the EHHF by attending the annual meetings and encouraging the impact of the cultural heritage sector at EU level. The EHHF acts as an advocate for inheritance and produces strong statements on specific issues. [2] [3]


A European Heritage Summit was first organized in London on 26-28 April 2006 by Dr. Simon Thurley , to form Chief Executive Officer of English Heritage . The mission of the European Union is one of the European leaders who had the opportunity to exchange their experience and initiate common actions. It has been attended by European heritage heads, known as the European Heritage Heads Forum. [4] The following EHHF annual meetings have been successively hosted by different countries. [5]

In May 2014, the EHHF annual meeting was attended by a record of 26 European states. [6]

The EHHF Troika

The steering committee of the EHHF is a Troika composed of the head, or heads, of the heritage of the country which hosted the annual meeting in the previous year and the heads of the countries of the subsequent meetings. [7]Troika meetings are chaired by the host of the next annual meeting. Future hosting countries are chosen by the general meeting at the annual meeting.

The EHHF Secretariat

The EHHF Secretariat reports to the Troika and is responsible for organizing the annual meetings, circulating information to EHHF members, following-up the actions agreed by the EHHF, maintaining the EHHF website and upholding the original purpose for the informal meeting of the heads of the European heritage agencies to:

  • Exchange experience, ideas and good practice
  • Strengthen and support existing European networks dealing with immovable heritage [8]
  • Carry out specific agreed actions (eg formulating harmonized heritage indicators at EU level) [9] [10]

Since January 2014, a permanent administrative secretary has been appointed to the EHHF Secretariat along with the Troika members. The Permanent Secretariat is based in Brussels in the offices of the Flanders Heritage Agency and is funded by the EHHF members as agreed at the meeting in Oslo in May 2013. [11]

Annual Meetings [12]

EHHF Annual Meeting, 2014 (Leuven, Belgium)
year Hosting Head Country
2006 Simon THURLEY , Chief Executive, English Heritage London, United Kingdom
2007 Pavel JERIE, Director-General, Czech National Institute for the Protection and Conservation of Monuments and Sites Prague, Czech Republic
2008 Steen HVASS , Director General, Heritage Agency of Denmark Copenhagen, Denmark
2009 Eva-Maria HOHLE , President, Austrian Federal Office for the Protection of Monuments
Katarína KOSOVA, Director-General, Monuments Board of the Slovak Republic
Vienna, Austria
Bratislava, Slovakia [13]
2010 Philippe BELAVAL , Director-General, Directorate General of Heritage | Heritage, Ministry of Culture and Communication (France) Paris, France
2011 Cees VAN ‚T VEEN, Director, Cultural Heritage Agency of The Netherlands Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2012 Gerd WEISS , President, Association of State Conservators in the Federal Republic of Germany Potsdam, Germany
2013 Jørn HOLME , Director, Norwegian Directorate for Cultural Heritage Oslo, Norway
2014 Sonja VANBLAERE, General Administrator, Flanders Heritage Agency
Pierre PAQUET, General Inspector, Department of Heritage, Wallonia

Thierry WAUTERS, Director, Department of Monuments and Sites, Brussels [14]

Leuven, Belgium [15] [16]
2015 Niall O’DONNCHU, Assistant Secretary Heritage Division, Department of Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht Dublin, Ireland [17] [18]
2016 Oliver MARTIN, Head of Section, Cultural Heritage and Historic Monuments, Swiss Federal Office of Culture Bern, Switzerland [19]
2017 Kristín Huld SIGURDARDOTTIR, Director General, Cultural Heritage Agency of Iceland Reykjavik, Iceland
2018 Patrick SANAVIA , Director, Service of National Sites and Monuments, Ministry of Culture luxembourg

The European Heritage Legal Forum

The European Heritage Legal Forum (EHLF) was founded in 2008 following the EHHF annual meeting held in Copenhagen, Denmark. The heads agreed in their final statement to the creation of a sub-committee to improve their ability to identify potential threats to cultural heritage. A forum of legal experts has been appointed by EHHF. The mission of the EHLF is to ensure that the information on the development and potential consequences of the European Union is circulated in a timely manner. In addition to this monitoring task, the EHHF may make recommendations to the EHHF for revised wording of the draft legislation and possible exemptions for cultural heritage.[9] [20] [21] [16]


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