EuroNat  was an organization of European ultranationalist political parties, formed initially at the congress of the French National Front (FN) in Strasbourg on 30 March 1997.  [1]  It was a loose organizational structure, and was in practice based on coordination of activities. the FN.  [1]  The organization failed to attract support in Western Europe , as FN leader Jean-Marie Le Pen was more successful in gathering support in Eastern Europe .  [1]  NordNat was an attempt to form a regional organization by Nordic parties.  [1]  As of the late 2000s, only the FN, BNP, ND, MS-FT, DN and NR parts were listed as members of EuroNat.

Parties that have been part of the organization include;  [2]

  •  Vlaams Blok (VB)
  •  Coalition for Republic – Republican Party of Czechoslovakia (SPR-RSČ)
  •  Republicans of Miroslav Sládek (RMS)
  •  Croatian Party of Rights (HSP)
  •  Patriotic National Alliance (IKL)
  •  National Front (FN)
  •  German People’s Union (DVU)
  •  Hellenic Front (EM)
  •  Hungarian Justice and Life Party (MIEP)
  •  New Force (FN)
  •  Tricolor Flame (MS-FT)
  •  New Right (NR)
  •  National Alliance (NA)
  •  Greater Romania Party (PRM)
  •  Serbian Radical Party (SRS)
  •  Slovak National Party (SNS)
  •  National Democracy (DN)
  •  National Democrats (ND)
  •  Sweden Democrats (SD)
  •  British National Party (BNP)  [3]

See also

  • Alliance of European National Movements
  • European National Front


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