East German Constitutional Assembly election, 1949

Elections for a Constitutional Assembly were held in East Germany on 15 and 16 May 1949. [1] Voters were presented with a „Unity List“ from the “ Bloc of the Anti-Fascist Democratic Parties ,“ which in turn was dominated by the Communist Socialist Unity Party . [2] They only had the option of approving or rejecting the list. In much of the country, the vote was not secret. [3]

According to official figures, 95.2% of voters turned out, and 66% of them approved the list. [2] This would be the lowest vote share an SED-dominated bloc would claim during the four decades of Communist rule in East Germany. In subsequent years, the National Front , successor to the Democratic Bloc, would claim to win votes in excess of 99%. [3]


Choice votes %
Unity List 7943949 66.1
Against 4080272 33.9
Invalid / blank votes 863.013
Total 12887234 100
Registered voters / turnout 13533071 95.2
Source: Nohlen & Stöver


The Constitutional Assembly adopted East Germany’s first constitution in October, and proclaimed the establishment of the German Democratic Republic on 7 October. It’s now becoming the first People’s Chamber (Volkskammer) of East Germany.


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