Central Register of Foreign Nationals (Germany)

The Central Register of Foreign Nationals (German: Ausländerzentralregister (AZR) ) is a German database , containing 20 million foreign nationals . [1] Of these, as of February 2009, approximately 4.5 million are EU citizens. [2]

The Central Register of Foreign Nationals provides over 7,000 organizations and organizations, with over 80,000 users. [3]

According to section 26 of the law governing the Central Foreigners Register, personal data stored on individual foreigners in Germany may also be passed to the authorities of foreign states. [4]


The predecessor of the Central Register of Foreign Nationals was the Ausländerzentralkartei which was established in 1938 by the Nazi government. [5] In 1953 the Central Register of Foreign Nationals was established.


The Federal Office responsible for administering the Central Register of Foreign Nationals has been awarded a Big Brother Award for their operation of the database, for the reason of “institutionalized official discrimination of non-German citizens in Germany”. [6]


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