Association of Central and Eastern European Election Officials

The Association of European Election Officials or ACEEEO is an organization of election management bodies founded in 1991 to promote the institutionalization and professionalization of democratic procedures in Europe. [1] The organization holds annual conferences to discuss theoretical and practical issues important to its members. [1]


ACEEEO was founded in response to a conference hosted by the International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES). [2] The organization has functioned as separate entity than IFES since.

The ACEEEO held its 21st annual conference in September 2012, in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.


According to the association’s website, its mission is „to provide a non-partisan forum, independent of national governments, for the exchange of information by election officials and experts throughout the region. transparent elections with the objective of supporting good governance and democracy. “ [3]

Additionally, there are 6 objectives which ACEEEO puts forward: [3]

  • Promotion of open and transparent elections in the field of exchange of experience and information relating to election law and procedure, technology, administrative practice, vote education;
  • Promotion of the training and further education of election officials and international observers;
  • Promotion of the principle of independent and impartial election authorities and administrators;
  • Development of professional election officials with high integrity, strong sense of public service, knowledge of electoral practice, and commitment to democratic elections;
  • Promotion of the principle of participation in electoral processes by citizens, political contestants, and non-partisan civic organizations; and
  • Development of resources for election-related information and research

Member countries

As of 2009, the election commissions of the following countries were members of ACEEEO: [4]

  • albania
  • armenia
  • azerbaijan
  • belarus
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • bulgaria
  • croatia
  • georgia
  • hungary
  • kazakhstan
  • Kosovo
  • kyrgyzstan
  • latvia
  • lithuania
  • Macedonia
  • moldova
  • Montenegro
  • romania
  • Russia ( Central Election Commission of Russia )
  • Slovakia
  • serbia
  • turkey
  • Ukraine ( Central Election Commission of Ukraine )


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