Transatlantic Intelligencer

The Transatlantic Intelligencer is an advocacy website centering on European politics and its American reception. Up until August 2005, it was a blog but it was a transition to a website format. It seems to be surpassing the perceived “ language gap “ between the continents and in Europe itself, particularly at the American audience. Due to their political weight and influence, it focuses on France and Germany . quote needed ]

The site features the Trans-Int Review, providing „major translations and original articles“ dealing with key topics of current „European politics and transatlantic relations „. The Trans-Int News, translated from the past. quote needed ]

The site’s editor is John Rosenthal, whose writings and translations of French- and German-language journalism have appeared in publications such as Monthly Review , The Figaro , Newsday , Policy Review , Merkur , Claremont Review of Books , Tech Central Station , World Politics Review and Modern Times . He taught political philosophy and the history of European philosophy at Rutgers University , New York University , and the Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon. He is now Contributing Editor for Europe Politics Review . quote needed ]

Currently, the Transatlantic Intelligencer site has been closed for repairs; the Review magazine feature was only one day earlier, according to a Rosenthal. quote needed ]