Susanne Wiest

Susanne Wiest (born 16 January 1967) is an activist for the unconditional basic income who lives in Greifswald , Germany. [1]

A childcare worker, Susanne Wiest is known in Germany for having launched a petition to the German Parliament [2] asking for the implementation of a basic income of 1,000 Euros a month. The petition went so viral that it did not receive more than 52,000 signatures of support, but the hosting services were overloaded in the last days of the collection, [3] forcing the Bundestag to extend the duration of the petition for one week. [4]

The petition then was accepted and Susanne Wiest was invited for a hearing at the Bundestag’s Commission of Petitions. The hearing took place on 8 November 2010 [5] following which has been featured in the German media. In June 2013, the petition was finally closed by the Parliament, [6] thus depriving the supporters of the basic income of any parliamentary debate on the issue.

Susanne Wiest ran in the legislative elections in 2009 as a free candidate. She received 1.2% of the votes cast. Since December 2012, she has been a member of the Pirate Party of Germany. Since 2017 Susanne Wiest is chairman of the German party Bündnis Grundeinkommen (Basic Income League) [7] , which founded in September 2016 and was awarded to the German Federal Election 2017 and reached 0.2% of the votes.

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