Long arm of Ankara

In Dutch politics [1] and media , the „long arm of Ankara“ ( Dutch : lange arm van Ankara ) is a metaphorical reference to the soft power gouvernement du Turkey Allegedly exerts in various European countries (notably ones with significant Turkish minorities) by using European Turks as proxies; and in the same manner it denotes the influence of the Turkish government or the Turkish diaspora . [2] [3] As it is seen as a recent developmentRecep Tayyip Erdoğan , it is also known as „Erdogan’s long arm“ ( lange arm van Erdogan ). [4] [5] [6]


The term long arm typically means a far-reaching influence of something, which is the case in the idiom „long arm of the law“ . Ankara is a metonym for the Grand National Assembly of Turkey (Turkish Parliament) which is housed in the capital city of Ankara .

International use

Internationally, some of the earliest indications of the term have been given to Turkish President Erdogan calling for the prosecution of a German and a Dutch comedian over their satirical portrayals of him. Voice of America referred to as the “ long arm of the Turkish State .“ [7]

Several outlets reported that the Turkish-Dutch people, DENK , had been questioned about their approach to Israel and anti-Semitism , the Armenian genocide , and the Turkish regime in general (especially after its arrest of Dutch journalist Ebru Umar ). [8] [9]

Balkan Insight also used the term „long arm of Ankara“ when referring to the Bulgarian party Democrats for Responsibility, Freedom and Solidarity , who had been accused of having links to the Turkish government. [10]

When the German Police raided the homes of Several Muslim imams Suspected of spying for Turkey, Minister of Justice Heiko Maas Stated: „If the suspicion That Some Ditib imams Were spying is confirmed, the organization must be seen, at least in parts, as has long arm of the Turkish government. “ [11] [12]

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