Government of the Czech Republic

The Government of the Czech Republic ( Czech : Vláda České Republiky ) exercises executive power in the Czech Republic . The members of the government are the Prime Minister of the Czech Republic , the deputy ministers and other ministers. It has its legal basis in the Constitution of the Czech Republic .


The government is led by the Prime Minister , who selects all the remaining ministers. Government of the Czech Republic is responsible for the Chamber of Deputies of the Czech Republic .

The Prime Minister is appointed by the President of the Czech Republic . The current Prime Minister is Andrej Babis .

Straka Academy , Seat of the Government of the Czech Republic.

Cabinet room of the Government in Straka Academy .

Current Cabinet

Main article: Andrej Babiš ‚Cabinet

The current government, sworn in on January 29, 2014, [1] [2] is the 13th since the dissolution of Czechoslovakia in 1993. It has 17 members and a prime minister. The firm consists of the following members: [3]

Cabinet of the Czech Republic

Office name Political party
Chairman of the Government Andrej Babiš ANO
Minister of Foreign Affairs Martin Stropnický ANO
Minister of the Interior Lubomír Metnar Independent
Finance Minister Alena Schillerová Independent
Minister of Defense Karla Šlechtová ANO
Minister of Justice Robert Pelikán nominated by ANO
Minister of Industry and Trade Tomáš Hüner Independent
Minister for Regional Development Klára Dostálová Independent
Ministry of Health Adam Vojtěch ANO
Minister of Labor and Social Affairs Jaroslava Němcová Independent
Minister of Education, Youth and Sports Robert Plaga Independent
Minister of Transport Dan Ťok ANO
Minister of the Environment Richard Brabec ANO
Minister of Culture Ilja Šmíd Independent
Minister of Agriculture Jiří Milek Independent

Advisory and Working Bodies of the Government


  • National Security Council
  • Government Legislative Council
  • Inter-ministerial Commission for Roma Community Affairs
  • Government Council for Human Rights
  • Government Council for National Minorities
  • Research and Development Council
  • Government Council for Drug Policy Coordination
  • Government Dislocation Commission
  • Government Board for People with Disabilities
  • Government Commissioner for Human Rights
  • The Government Council for Equal Opportunities for Women and Men
  • Committee for EU
  • Independent Panel on the Czech Republic’s Assessment of Long-Term Energy Requirements

Bodies not provided for by the Government Office

  • Government Council for Sustainable Development
  • The Czech Government Council for Health Care and Environment
  • The Government Council for Health, Hygiene and Health at Work
  • Government Council for Seniors and Population Aging
  • Czech Republic Government Council for Road Safety
  • National Co-ordination Group for Digital Broadcasting in the CR
  • The Czech Commission for UNESCO
  • The Central Flood Commission
  • The Czech Republics‘ Council for Quality (in Czech only)
  • Government Council for the Revitalization of Areas Affected by Flooding
  • Commission on the Management of Occurrences of Infectious Diseases in the Czech Republic
  • Government Council for the Information Society
  • Commission for the Reconciliation of Relations between the State and Churches and Religious Societies
  • Czech Republic Government Council – Investment Council


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