European Civil Service Training Network

The European Civil Service Training Network (or ENTO) is a network which groups the local Council of Europe member states.


While the idea for a European network has been proposed by the Council of Europe, it has become an independent association in the past and has been relatively independent. This diversity fosters a network with a wide range of abilities that facilitates the exchange of ideas and pools of various fields.

Improving Public Administration

One of the primary purposes behind ENTO lies in the strengthening of local democracy which is essential for democratic society. As a result of its work, it has been implemented in many European countries. These have created greater efficiency of officials and elected representatives at all levels of government at the local level. The reforms are supported by both the Council of Europe and the European Union (more particularly the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of the Council of Europe )initiatives and efforts to improve public administration in Europe and particularly in Central and Eastern Europe. The training and availability of qualified staff ensures that they are professionally, lawfully and democratically in each country.