Draft: European Young Engineers

The European Young Engineers (EYE) is a European network [1] of young engineering professionals and students. Main activities have been identified as sharing knowledge, fostering mobility and developing personal and professional skills. [2] [3] In the mid-1990s, Europe’s expansion towards Eastern Europe and the Baltic was approaching. For the engineering profession, this posed many challenges: changes in engineering education; the resulting higher mobility in Europe; mutual recognition of diplomas and professional experiences.

Young Engineers have been confronted with increasing international cooperation in their professional engineering projects. National engineering associations could only partially support their members, especially their students and young engineers.

Young members of the European engineers‘ organizations created a pan-European platform and founded the European Young Engineers (EYE) in 1994. During the following years, several engineering associations in Europe have been invited to join and EYE rapidly grew.

EYE has grown to more than 18,000 associations and more than 150,000 young engineers in Europe. EYE started to offer its member organizations and their students and young engineers the access to a Europe-wide network by linking the engineering associations.

Twice a year, EYE organizes a member-hosted conference, with between 80 and 300 participants from all over Europe. Between these events, the community stays in touch via their website [4] and social media channels.

In 2007 the European Young Engineers signed a Memorandum of Cooperation with FEANI . [5] [6]

Statues of the European Young Engineers

The latest statutes of the European Young Engineers have been voted on by the Council in 2016.

List of member organizations

Country Name of organization Acronym
belgium ie-net ingenieursvereniging vzw IE-NET
Bosnia-Herzegowina Studentski elektrotehnički klub i served Sarajevu(Student Association of Electrotechnics of the University of Sarajevo) STELEKS
bulgaria ФЕДЕРАЦИЯ НА НАУЧНО-ТЕХНИЧЕСКИТЕСЪЮЗИ В БЪЛГАРИЯ (Federation of Scientific Engineering Unions in Bulgaria) FNTS
denmark Ingeniorforeningen i Danmark [7](Danish Society of Engineers) IDA
finland Uusi Insinööriliitto(Union of Professional Engineers in Finland) UIL
la France National Office of Engineering Students(National Bureau of Engineering) BNEI
la France French Association of Women Engineers(French Association of Female Engineers) FI
Germany Verein Deutscher Ingenieure [8] VDI
hungary Műszaki és Természettudományi EgyesületekSzövetsége – (Federation of Technical and Scientific Societies) MTESZ
ireland Engineers Ireland EI
italy Associazione Giovani Ingegneri della Provincia diSalerno (Association of Young Engineers of the Province of Salerno) GIOIN
italy EYE Italia EYEIT
luxembourg National Association of Engineering StudentsLuxembourg (Union of Luxembourg Engineering Students) ANEIL
malta University Engineering Students Association FSAU
Netherlands Koninklijk Instituut Van Ingenieurs(Royal Institute of Engineers in the Netherlands) KIVI
Netherlands Koninklijke Landbouwkundige Vereniging(Royal Agricultural Society) KLV
norway Norges største organizasjon for ingeniører ogteknologer (Norwegian Society of Engineers and Technologists) NITO
United Kingdom Association for Consultancy and Engineering ACE
United Kingdom Institute of Marine Engineering, Science andTechnology IMarEST
United Kingdom Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining IOM3
United Kingdom Young Railway Professionals [9] YRP
United Kingdom European Young Engineers United Kingdom [10] EYE-UK

Conferences of the European Young Engineers

EYE has successfully organized conferences in the following locations:

Dated leasing Theme Further information
June 1995 Amsterdam, Netherlands
November 1995 Antwerp, Belgium
June 1996 Rotterdam, Netherlands
October 1996 Dublin, Ireland
Jun 1997 Copenhagen, Denmark
November 1997 Karlsruhe, Germany
June 1998 London, UK
November 1998 Budapest, Hungary
June 1999 Brussels, Belgium
November 1999 Utrecht, Netherlands
June 2000 Hanover, Germany
November 2000 Helsinki, Finland
May 2001 Copenhagen, Denmark
November 2001 Paris, France
May 2002 Bruges, Belgium
November 2002 The Hague, Netherlands
June 2003 Helsinki, Finland
November 2003 Cologne, Germany „International Management – New International Challenges“
June 2004 London, UK „Managing People for Business“
November 2004 Strasbourg, France „International Management – New International Challenges“
June 2005 Cardiff, UK „Entrepreneurship“
November 2005 Leuven, Belgium „Surface of Innovating Life“
May 2006 Sofia, Bulgaria „European Union and Challenges for the Young Engineers“
October 2006 Salerno, Italy
June 2007 Enschede, Netherlands „People“
October 2007 Valletta, Malta „Networking Europe through Engineering“ Conference website [11]
May 2008 Copenhagen, Denmark „Exploring Environmental Sustainability“
October 2008 Dusseldorf, Germany „Do it with a European Engineer“
May 2009 Hasselt „Energy of the Future“
June 2010 Glasgow, UK „Innovating to meet our Global Challenges“
November 2010 Salerno, Italy „Standarization in a Global World“
June 2011 Varna, Bulgaria „Engineering the Future“
September 2011 Geneva, Switzerland Joint Conference with World Engineers Congress (WEC) Facing the Global Energy Challenge
June 2012 Leiden, Netherlands Report (UK) [12]
October 2012 Valletta, Matla „Overcoming Limitations“
June 2013 Dublin, Ireland „Engineering Connections“ Report (Ireland) [13]
September 2013 Antwerp, Belgium
May 2014 Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina „Common Purpose: Together, Stronger, into the Future!“
October 2015 Lisbon, Portugal „Collaborative Engineering – The European Way“ Conference website [14] , Report (UK) [15]
May 2016 Hannover, Germany „Digital Transformation“ Report (Newspaper) [16] , Report (Local team from Germany) [17]
June 2017 Bristol, UK „Ideas are international“ Conference Website [18] , Report (Hungarian) [19] , Report (Croatian) [20] , Report (Biggerplate) [21]


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