Council of Europe Development Bank

The Council of Europe Development Bank ( French : CEB, Development Bank of the Council of Europe ) dates from 1956, When the Council of Europe Established the Resettlement Fund for National Refugees and Over-Population in Europe as a Partial Agreement . In 1994, it changed its name to the Council of Europe’s Social Development Fund, before becoming the Council of Europe Development Bank in 1999. [1]

Situated in Paris , the Bank is a separate legal entity and is autonomous in its decision-making. It has an excellent credit rating from Moody’s , [2] Standard and Poor’s . [3] and Fitch Ratings . [4]

The original aim Was to help Refugees and other displaced persons partner after the Second World War . It later expanded its scope of activities to include assistance to disaster victims, help with job creation , and improve social infrastructure. Its aim is to promote social cohesion in its member states.

The CEB acts as a development bank, granting loans to member states. In 2016, its assets stood at 25.6 billion euros, [5] which it uses to co-finance projects by means of loans of up to 40% of the project cost. The current governor is Rolf WENZEL, born in 1954, of German nationality.


There are currently 41 member states, as follows:

  • albania
  • belgium
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • bulgaria
  • croatia
  • cyprus
  • Czech Republic
  • denmark
  • estonia
  • finland
  • la France
  • georgia
  • Germany
  • greece
  • Holy See
  • hungary
  • iceland
  • ireland
  • italy
  • Kosovo
  • latvia
  • liechtenstein
  • lithuania
  • luxembourg
  • Macedonia
  • malta
  • moldova
  • Montenegro
  • Netherlands
  • norway
  • poland
  • Portugal
  • romania
  • San Marino
  • serbia
  • Slovakia
  • slovenia
  • spain
  • sweden
  • switzerland
  • turkey

The only development bank member states are not members of the Council of Europe are the Holy See and Kosovo .

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