Corruption in the Czech Republic

Corruption in the Czech Republic is estimated by a majority of the Czech public , according to Transparency International’s Global Corruption Barometer 2013. [1]

Transparency International’s 2016 Corruption Perception Index ranks the country 47th place out of 176 countries. [2]


Political corruption

Corruption Barometer 2013, which reveals that 73% of the surveyed Czechs consider political parties to be „corrupt“ or „Extremely corrupt“. [3]

Business corruption

In the World Economic Forum Global Competitiveness Report 2013-2014, surveyed business executives cite corruption as the most problematic factor for doing business in the country. [4] According to Ernst & Young’s 2012 Global Fraud Survey, 80% of surveyed companies are experiencing severe corruption and corruption in the business sector, and fewer than 10% of companies report „very frequently / always“ due diligence on fraud and corruption-related risks before or after acquiring a new business. [5]

Although the business environment is characterized by a clear set of rules and little interference, corruption remains an obstacle to doing business in public procurement, awarding of subsidies and direct interactions between public and private sectors. [6]

Corruption cases

A case in 2009 involved Defense Minister Vlasta Parkanová overpaying for four airplanes in a 3.5 billion crown military contract. As a Member of Parliament, Parkanová was immune from criminal prosecution however. Finance Minister Miroslav Kalousek was also involved in the case. [7]

In June 2012, a director of the charge in the United States and the United States of America, was appointed to 7.5 years imprisonment and a USD 40,000 fine after being convicted of bribery in connection with the granting of EU funds. [8]

The 2013 Czech political corruption scandal involved an anti-corruption raid, launched by the organized crime unit. It resulted in the arrest of the prime minister’s chief of staff, Jana Nagyova, and seven others. The unit also confiscated GBR 5 million in cash and 10 kg of gold found in government offices, banks and private properties. The crimes are suspected to include bribery and abuse of power. [9]

Enhancing Civil Society Participation

Citizens participation and the values ​​of integrity, accountability, and transparency are crucial components of fighting corruption. It is important to develop programs and actions to change the understanding of corruption. [10]

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