Basic income in Germany

Basic income in Germany ( German: Grundeinkommen ), has been debated since the 1980s. There is a national network and many local groups. Some of the most famous proponents for the reform are Götz Werner , Katja Kipping and Susanne Wiest . German political parties who are working for a basic income are the Pirate Party Germany , [1] [2] Bündnis 90 / Die Grünen, Die Violetten and since 2016 the Bündnis Gundeinkommmen , which gained admission to the German federal election in 2017.


The debate about basic income in West Germany started off in the 1980s, when groups of unemployed people became interested and took a stance for the reform. [3] When Basic Income European Network was founded (today Basic Income Earth Network) in 1986 there was a German sociologist among the founders, Claus Offe , who has been active in the academic debate. In 2004 the Netzwerk Grundeinkommen is founded. The Hartz-pamphlet introduced by the Cabinet of Gerhard Shröder in 2003-2005 triggers the basic income a lot, even though the taxpayer is very low. [4]A few years later, 2009, Susanne Wiest, a home wife, made a presentation in the German Parliament about the basic income petition she had initiated and got support from 52.973 people. The next year is several basic income-demonstrations, the biggest in Berlin. 2011 The Pirate Party discusses basic income on their congress and after a two-hour-long debate it is decided that they will work for basic income along with minimum wages. [5] In 2012 there was a meeting between Susanne Wiest and Angela Merkel to discuss basic income. The meeting took place under the project “ Dialog über Deutschland „. In Germany on Sunday, 25 September, founded a new political party, Bündnis Grundeinkommen („Basic Income League“, called „BGE Partei“ for short).[6] The league was admitted for state elections in Saarland in January 2017 and in April 2017 for the state elections in Nordrhein-Westfalen . Bündnis Grundeinkommen was admitted for the German federal election 2017. [7] [8]


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