Canadian Forces Europe

Canadian Forces Europe was the Canadian Military Forces training in Europe during the Cold War . The CF assisted the NATO activities of Warsaw Pact and the Soviet Union .

Canadian Forces Europe (CFE) consisted of two courses in West Germany , Canadian Forces Base Lahr , with the 4 Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group (1957-1993), and No. 1 RCAF Air Division at Canadian Forces Base Baden-Soellingen , qui est devenu later 1 Canadian Air Group. Both formations closed in the early 1990s with the end of the Cold War . Read More…

British-Irish Council

The British-Irish Council ( BIC ) is an intergovernmental organization that aims to improve collaboration between its members in a number of areas including transportation, the environment, and energy. [1] Its membership includes Ireland , the United Kingdom , the devolved governments of Northern Ireland , Scotland and Wales , and the governments of the Crown Dependencies of the UK: Guernsey , Jersey and the Isle of Man . England does not have a devolvedadministration, and as a result is not individually represented on the Council. [2] Read More…

Association of the Alpine States

The Association of Alpine States  (  Arge Alp  , German :  Arbeitsgemeinschaft Alpenländer  , Italian :  Comunita di Lavoro Regioni Alpine  ) is an association of 10 states, provinces and cantons of Austria , Germany , Italy , and Switzerland . The members are from Austria: Salzburg , Tyrol , and Vorarlberg ; from Germany: Bavaria ; from Italy: South Tyrol , Lombardy , and Trentino ; from Switzerland: Graubünden, St. Gallen and Ticino . Read More…

Arab European League

The  Arab European League  ( Dutch :  Arabic-Europese Liga  , AEL) is a Pan-Arabist  [1]  civil rights movement / organization in Belgium and the Netherlands .  [2]


AEL was founded and led by Dyab Abu Jahjah , a Lebanese-born Shi’a Muslim living in Belgium who emigrated from Lebanon in 1991 to begin university studies in Belgium.  [3]  In July 2006, Abu Jahjah returned to Lebanon allegedly to join the war of the 2006 Lebanon War on the side of Hezbollah against Israel .  quote needed  ] Read More…


Anti-Europeanism  and  Europhobia  are political terms used in a variety of contexts, implying sentiment or policies in opposition to “ Europe „.

In the context of racial or ethno-nationalist politics, this may refer to the culture or peoples of Europe (see anti-white sentiment in the United States ); In the shorthand of „Europe“ standing for the European Union or European integration , it can refer to Euroscepticism , criticism of policies of European governments or the European Union.  [1]  In the context of United States foreign policy, it can refer to the geopolitical divide between “ transatlantic „, „transpacific“ and „hemispheric“ (pan-American) relations. The nominal antonyms would be  pro-Europeanism  or  Europhilia  . clarification needed  ] Read More…

Anti-European feeling

Topics involving the concept of  anti-European sentiment  :

    • Anti-Europeanism
    • Anti-Western feeling
    • Euroscepticism in the United Kingdom
    • American exceptionalism

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