Agricultural and Rural Convention 2020

Agricultural and Rural Convention 2020 ( ARC2020 ) Describes Itself as “a multi-stakeholder platform of over 150 civil society networks and organizations Within 22 EU Member States all pushing for a reform of the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy (CAP)”. [1] It has been carried out several times to raise awareness among citizens and the political world on the current situation of European agriculture, such as the Good Food March . [2] [3] [4] [5]


Founded in 2010, ARC2020 is the result of the work of Groupe de Bruges , [6] a European think tank specializing in agriculture and rural development , a European network of local projects in sustainable rural development Synergies Forum , and the European School for Journalists called Institute of Higher Studies of Social Communications (IHECS). It is funded by various European foundations.

ARC2020 states that its main goals are: [1]

  • to give civil society a strong voice in the current reform debate;
  • to prepare common actions across European borders;
  • to mobilize individuals and organizations beyond traditional stakeholder interests.

It claims to represent diverse issues and interests from nature protection, human health and animal welfare , to development cooperation , global justice and climate change , as well as those of farmers and rural developmentnetworks.

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