Coalition for Life and Family

The Coalition for Life and Family or Coalition for Life and Family (en, CPVF) is a European political party that is particularly opposed to abortion and promotes traditional family values, they are against homosexuality . In 2017, the party requested recognition by the European Parliament and the political party funding this. [2] [3] This was granted for the year 2017, as the party had eight members of national and regional parliaments (required: seven) from seven different countries (required: seven).

The main activity of the CPVF is conducted by the French Civitas organization . Civitas HAS ACTED as a party since April 2016. [4] Civitas can be categorized as arch-conservative Catholic [5] [6] nationalist , [7] and far-right . [8] [9] [10] [11] The party is close to the Society of Saint Pius X . [12] The party chairman is the Belgian Alain Escada , who is also chairman of Civitas. Civitas member François-Xavier Peronis the co-founder of CPVF. In France, Civitas and Escada cooperate with the convicted holocaust denier Jean-Marie Pen and the Party of France . [13]

CPVF has no members in the European Parliament, but members in the national and regional parliaments of Austria , Greece , Italy , Latvia , Lithuania , Poland , Spain and Slovakia . [14]Surprisingly, CPVF’s Latvian member, Mihails Zemļinskis is a member of the Social Democratic Party “Harmony” , while this party’s only member of European Parliament, Andrejs Mamikins , sits with the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats Group.


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