Hartz concept

The Hartz concept , also known as Hartz reforms or the Hartz plan , is a set of recommendations submitted by a committee to the German labor market in 2002. Named after the head of the committee, Peter Hartz , these recommendations went on to become part of the German government ‘s Agenda 2010 series of reform, known as Hartz I – Hartz IV. The committee devised thirteen “innovation […]

INGOs Conference of the Council of Europe

The INGO (International Non-governmental Organizations) Conference is the body of the civil society in the Council of Europe , a European organization founded in 1949. The Council of Europe has 47 member States with some 800 million citizens and its seat is in Strasbourg , France . The INGO Conference of the Council of Europe is a space for free and innovative participation of committed […]

Nordic-Baltic Eight

Nordic-Baltic Eight ( NB8 ) is a regional co-operation format that includes Denmark , Estonia , Finland , Iceland , Latvia , Lithuania , Norway , and Sweden . The Ministers of Foreign Affairs, Foreign Ministers, Foreign Ministers, Foreign Ministers, Foreign Ministers, Secretaries of State and Political Directors of Foreign Ministries, are the representatives of the Balticand Nordic countries. reviewed. [4]

Center for Research on Multinational Corporations

The Center for Research on Multinational Corporations ( SOMO – Dutch : Stichting Onderzoek Multinational Ondernemingen ), is an independent, non-profit research and network organization working on social, ecological and economic issues related to sustainable development. Since 1973, the organization investigates multinational corporations and the consequences of their activities for people and the environment around the world.

Corruption in Russia

Political corruption is Perceived to be a significant problem in Russia , [1] Impacting all aspects of life, Including public administration, [2] [3] law enforcement , [4] healthcare [5] and education . [6] The phenomenon of corruption is Strongly Established in the historical model of public governance in Russia and Attributed to general weakness of rule of law in Russia [2]Transparency International’s 2016 Corruption Perception Index ranks the country 131th spot out of 176 […]

Corruption in Georgia

Corruption in Georgia had been an issue in the post- Soviet decades. Before the 2003 Rose Revolution , according to Foreign Policy , Georgia was among the most corrupt nations in all Eurasia. [1] The level of corruption dramatically abated, however, after the revolution. In 2010, Transparency International (TI) said that Georgia was “the best corruption-buster in the world.” [2] Low-level corruption has been virtually eliminated in recent years. [3] [4] Transparency International’s 2016 Corruption […]

From puinhopen van acht jaar Paars

Paar ( pronounced [də pœynoːpə (n) vɑn ɑxt jaːr paːrs] ( listen )  , English: The Wreckage of Eight Purple Years ) is a political non-fiction book released by the political political commentator and aspiring lawmaker Pim Fortuyn in 2002, two months prior to his murder . In the book, Fortuyn sharply criticizes the ruling ” Purple ” coalition government and its direct predecessor (both composed of PvdA , VVD and D66 ).

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